Allotment Facts

Historically there have been allotments in Chesham for many years; those at the Cameron Road site have just celebrated their 100th anniversary, having been acquired in the spring of 1910 to satisfy the demands of the working classes of the time.

The Council currently manages 227 allotment plots on three sites in Chesham: those at Cameron Road (176 plots), Asheridge Road (45 plots) and Amersham Road (6 plots). Standard plots are either 253 m2 or 126.5 m2 in size (these are known 10 pole ‘full’ plots, or 5 pole ‘half’ plots respectively).

Facilities at each site include water via standpipes, mini-recycling centres and lockable access gates with vehicle access for deliveries. The Town Council maintains the access roads. Parking is available in a car park beside the recycling centre (Cameron Road) and by the side of the allotments (Asheridge Road). There is a returnable deposit for gate padlock keys. There is a portaloo available at the Cameron Road site.

What to do if you want an allotment

There is currently a waiting list for allotments. If you wish to go on the list, please contact the Town Hall Office either by

  • email at
  • or by post at Chesham Town Council, Town Hall, Chesham, HP5 1DS.
  • or telephone 01494 774842 (Fax 01494 582908)

They will then be able to inform you when a plot is vacant, and when you can go and look round. Once you have looked at the plot and if you still wish to take it on, go back to the Town Hall and Chesham Town Council will issue you with a Tenancy Agreement, which should be read carefully before you sign it.  Once the Agreement is signed, the allotment allocated is yours for a year, renewable annually, provided you follow the rules and regulations set out in the Agreement.

You pay your annual charge (details of fees are shown on the Chesham Town Council website, plus key charge, return the signed Agreement to Chesham Town Council who will issue a receipt, and it’s yours. (Cheques should be made payable to Chesham Town Council)

Please note that fees per pole per year vary according to site (due to soil type and accessibility variations between sites).

Other Important Information

There is an active Allotment Group, whose members are allotment holders and council representatives. They are more than happy to advise and provide information to new and existing allotment holders. They also arrange a varied selection of social events throughout the season to which all allotment holders are most welcome.

Chesham Town Council sends out a regular newsletter, "The Grower", which is prepared by the Allotments Group. This is sent to all paid-up allotment holders, or on collection from the Town Hall. Articles, hints, tips and/or recipes are always welcomed for inclusion, please send to these to the editor, see the latest issue for the address.

There is also an annual Allotment Competition for the best kept allotments. These are judged by members of the Chesham Horticultural Society and the winners are presented with their prizes at the Annual General Meeting of Allotments Holders usually held in September at the Town Hall. During 2010, after discussions with the judges, different classes have been set for those allotment holders having full allotments (10 poles) and those having half allotments (5 poles). There is also a class for best allotment by a new tenant.

Representatives of both the Town Council and the Allotments Group, to ensure that the allotments are being worked in accordance with the tenancy agreement, inspect the allotments four times a year. Allotment holders are sent a letter from the Town Council if the plot is neglected, to make sure the tenant wishes to retain it. If the plot has still not been worked on subsequent inspection/s the Council can serve a Notice to Quit.

If you feel you cannot cope for any reason, please contact the Allotment Group for help and advice.